How to use stainless steel pot

2020-12-17 11:49:24

When cooking at home, whether a pot is good or not plays a great role, so in the purchase of stainless steel pot in the future, the initial use is very important, which depends on how long the pot can be used. Today, I'd like to introduce the correct way to use stainless steel pot and some matters needing attention in the process of application.

The correct way to use the initial degree of stainless steel pot is as follows

1. First check whether there are labels on the inside and outside of the new pot. If so, tear off the label. Some labels are hard to tear off. At this time, you can drop a few drops of essential balm on the label. After the balm is absorbed by the label, it is easy to tear it off.

2. Clean the pan with two drops on the wet cotton cloth and wipe the pot inside and outside with the cloth.


3. Also wipe the lid.

4. Don't forget to wipe the bottom of the pot.

5. Wash with clean water

6. Pour boiling water and a small amount of white vinegar into the pot, shake the pan, and let vinegar water wash to each part of the inner pot.

7. Dry the pan with absorbent paper.

8. Don't worry about cooking anything you like.

Source: stainless steel kitchenware

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