Tips for using stainless steel kitchen accessories

2020-12-17 11:49:24

Here are some tips:

1. Wash the stainless steel kitchen utensils, and then scrub them with orange peel

2. Spread the potato skin in the stainless steel bowl and basin, and then pour in the detergent to clean it.

3. If stainless steel kitchenware is used for a long time, black stains will appear, which can not be cleaned with detergent. At this time, the toothpaste can be squeezed on the wet cloth to wipe, and the stains can be quickly removed, making the kitchen utensils as bright as new.


4, pot cover with a long time will also have a thick layer of grease, with detergent wipe time-consuming and laborious. Here is a simple method: put a small amount of water in the pot, cover the pot cover on the back, boil the water, and let the steam fumigate the lid. When the oil stain becomes white and soft, gently scrub it with soft cloth, and the pot cover will be bright as new.

There is also a common and important point is to clean up the wok

1. Try to start cleaning in a short time. The longer you put it, the more difficult it is to clean. Soak with hot water and salt for about 10 minutes, so that it can be quickly and easily finished without steel ball and reduce the scratch on the surface of the pot.

2. Boil tomatoes or Hawthorn water in the pan to make the paste fall.

3. Boiled pineapple peel, apple peel or pear peel water can also play a good role in falling and charring. Soak it for 20-25 minutes and then take it out. So the pot will stay as good as new.

Source: stainless steel kitchen accessories manufacturers

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