Maintenance methods of stainless steel kitchenware manufacturers

2020-12-17 11:49:24

Repair of stainless steel kitchenware

The repair of stainless steel kitchenware is generally more complicated. Please ask the repairman to repair the stainless steel kitchenware. Because the assembly of stainless steel kitchenware is very strict, we need to repair the stainless steel in the family application. Don't repair the stainless steel at will. Next, the use and maintenance of stainless steel kitchenware is actually relatively simple. Basically, the cabinet of stainless steel kitchenware has its own fundamental moisture-proof treatment, but it is still not possible to flush the cabinet directly or for a long time, so as to avoid damage to the board due to moisture. Therefore, if the surface of the cabinet is stained with water, it should be wiped with a dry rag immediately. Su RI clean with a slightly wet cloth can be scrubbed, if more difficult to scrub, you can use neutral detergent and vegetable cloth light brush. Regular maintenance can be done with bleach and water 1:1 diluent. The pots, pans and other objects should be wiped dry before being put into the cabinet. Meanwhile, sharp objects should be prevented from scratching the surface directly. Do not brush with steel brush. Do not use too much force or exceed the opening angle (110 degrees), hinge and other metal parts to prevent water stains from accumulating for a long time.


In addition, it is necessary to put the heat insulation agent on the surface of the table, so as to prevent the oil from being damaged. Although the table is easy to repair, there are still some matters that should be paid attention to in operation, such as preparing chopping board when cutting things, and do not cut food directly on the table. All kinds of damage should be prevented to keep the kitchen utensils as new forever. Cleaning and maintenance of gas stove and range hood 1. Gas stove: the cleaning and maintenance of gas stove can be said to be difficult in kitchen equipment, but also a link. Su RI should be used immediately after the use of neutral detergent to wipe the table, so as to avoid long-term accumulation of dirt, cleaning difficulties in the future. The induction rod in the furnace shall be cleaned weekly, and the carbide in the furnace nozzle shall be removed by wire brush regularly, and the fire hole shall be punctured

Source: stainless steel kitchenware manufacturer

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