Maintenance methods of stainless steel kitchenware parts

2020-12-17 11:49:24

The protection methods of the six parts are as follows:

1. Protection of stove

Clean the iron frame and stainless steel table top on the stove every day to ensure the surface smoothness of the stove. Kitchen oil and other impurities will corrode the appearance of the stove, so often clean the day, natural gas nozzle.

2. Protection of stainless steel cabinet

(1) the hot pot and kettle can not be directly touched with the stainless steel cabinet. A heat insulation pad can be placed on the stainless steel table top.

(2) kimberlett kitchen utensils indicate that the cutting board should be put on the stainless steel table when cutting vegetables, so that the stainless steel table will not leave knife marks. But if you leave a knife mark carelessly, we can also use 240 ~ 400 intention sandpaper to wipe the stainless steel table surface according to the depth of the knife mark, and then use a clean cloth to treat it again.

(3) use sharp objects to touch the stainless steel table and scratch.

(4) when using stainless steel cabinet, tear off the protective film on the surface, because the protective film is not easy to tear off after using for a long time.


3. Protection of frying furnace

Clean the inner wall and filter screen of the oil furnace every day, adjust every 15 days, if the nozzle and ignition equipment of natural gas are electric explosion furnace, you should check whether the circuit is smooth, adhere to the connection of spare parts and switches, and check the oil drainage pipe equipment.

4. Oven protection

Clean the appearance of the oven every day, check whether all lines are smooth, adhere to the connection of each spare part and switch, and ensure its operation efficiency.

5. Dishwasher protection

Adhere to the internal and external cleaning of the dishwasher every day, carry out internal descaling once every 30 days, and regularly check the use of detergent and drier to prevent foreign matter blockage.

6. Protection of freezer

Keep the refrigerator clean inside and outside every day. Always check the power supply and temperature control equipment, adhere to the normal operation of refrigerator compressor.

Source: stainless steel kitchenware manufacturer

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