• Tips for using stainless steel kitchen accessories

    Here are some tips in the future: 1. Wash the stainless steel kitchen utensils, and then scrub them with orange peel. 2. Sprinkle the potato skin in the stainless steel bowl and basin, and then pour in the detergent to clean it. 3. If stainless steel kitchenware is used for a long time, black stains will appear, which can not be cleaned with detergent. At this time, the toothpaste can be squeezed on the wet cloth to wipe, and the stains can be quickly removed, making the kitchen utensils as bright as new. 4, pot cover with a long time will also have a thick layer of grease, with detergent wipe time-consuming and laborious. Here is a simple way: put a small amount of water in the pot, cover the pot on the back, boil the water and let it steam


  • How to maintain stainless steel kitchenware

    So, how to protect stainless steel kitchen equipment? 1. Do not often move the stove, shelf, cooking machinery and other equipment, especially the use of floor sliding. 2. Wipe the dirt on the outside with a wet cloth in time, and then dry it with a dry cloth. 3. Avoid vinegar, cooking wine and other liquid condiments splashing on it. Once clear, it should be rinsed and dried in real time with clean water. 4. Stainless steel stoves should always be checked for fire leakage. Source: stainless steel kitchenware manufacturer www.wingvah.com


  • How to use stainless steel pot

    When cooking at home, whether a pot is good or not plays a great role, so in the purchase of stainless steel pot in the future, the initial use is very important, which depends on how long the pot can be used. Today, I'd like to introduce the correct way to use stainless steel pot and some matters needing attention in the process of application. Stainless steel pot initial use of the correct method: 1, first check whether the new pot inside and outside the label, if there is, must tear off the label. Some labels are hard to tear off. At this time, you can drop a few drops of essential balm on the label. After the balm is absorbed by the label, it is easy to tear it off. 2. Clean with two drops of wet cotton cloth


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